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Seeking those with the insight and will to join and create an alternative society.

A Conscious, Thriving Web

An invitation to rural land custodians to join a conscious, inter-connected, adaptive web of like-minded custodians.

Conscious Nodes

Offering permanent and semi-permanent accommodation options to travellers and settlers seeking alternatives to city living.

Conscious Economy

We all recognise the need for economic change. Join us in producing essential products for the emerging exchange economy.

Conscious Learning

Members of the Project 222 Web have a wealth of shared knowledge around alternative ways of living. No need to reinvent the wheel!

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Project 222 is an invitation to land custodians and resource owners to share a vision of unity, sufficiency, respect and preservation. We don’t argue or protest. We build.

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Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is a web of 222 thriving Interdependent Interconnected Indigenous Cooperatives (IIICs) across South Africa.

Mutual Dependence

For the people, by the people. Rather than remaining dependent on government for failing service delivery, we work with those in our community and other nodes in the wider web to address our challenges.

Indigenous Responsibilities

Shifting from dominion to custodianship. Indigenous doesn’t refer to a skin colour or a culture. To be indigenous refers to a distinct worldview that sees Nature as sacred, rather than placing profit ahead of life.

Connected at Multiple Levels

Operating as a unit. Each node is connected to other nodes and to the whole so as to form a new and larger whole. We learn from and support each other. We learn and progress based on co-intelligence.

Cooperative & Collaborative

Sidestepping the harmful influences of money and debt. Our primary goal is to separate ‘the market’ from relationships between humans and between humans and the nonhuman world. Who says everything has to have a price?

Invitation to Establish or Join a Node in the KindaWeb

All over the world we have parallel systems of social and economic organisations sprouting up — we need to be connected! That’s what happens when existing human systems become unsustainable: the people at the bottom of the crumbling system help birth the next system.

We already have nodes in Mossel Bay, Swellendam, Wolseley, Knysna and Stanford in the Western Cape, as well as numerous smaller urban nodes in Gauteng.

This is your invitation to join this movement.

Project 222 is an intergenerational project led by the multicultural youth of South Africa. Our initial vision is a thriving web of 222 nodes by the summer solstice of 2022, the network then expanding through the Afrikan continent and beyond thereafter.

We’re inviting land custodians and resource owners to collaborate to recreate this new society, where we focus on the restoration of human dignity and the regeneration of natural resources. It’s a communion of self-sovereignty, self-sufficiency, autonomy and interdependence, all underpinned by decentralised, indigenous governance.

While that may sound like a mouthful, Project 222 is a unique opportunity to build – from the ground up – a vibrant trading platform of unequalled craftsmanship and a pursuit of excellence that gives rise to a rich and distinct culture totally disproportionate to the resources at hand. It’s an opportunity to transition from outdated ideas of possession and ownership for the purposes of control and slavery towards greater individual and community dimensions of stewardship and custodianship. It’s an opportunity to transition from the outdated idea of competition towards the evolutionarily more sound concepts of cooperation and collaboration. Project 222 is a unique opportunity for the rebooting of society, where our operating system is upgraded to a more sustaining, conscious way of life.

Through the process of developing the 222 nodes, we are strengthening our organisational skills so that the People Sector (you and me) can play on a par with the Private and Public sectors – imagine that! And it all starts with a supporting web of farms and rural pockets of land across South Africa.

You are invited to bring your skills, resources and ideas and share in the co-creation of a rich web, representing a thriving EcoEcosystem of wellbeing and abundance. (An EcoEcosystem is a living system in which Ecology is just as important as the Economy).

By participating in the provision of the basic necessities of food, water, health and shelter we will build a web of micro-communities supporting each other’s basic rights of equal access to land, water, biodiversity, culture and minerals. The web will consist of a blend of nodes, varying from individual farmers to cooperatives to large producers to prosocial businesses, to existing communities, to multiple settlements. All of the nodes strive towards the common objective of the common good for all.

The KindaWeb Pledge

Collaboration and participation in the KindaWeb requires a wide variety of skills and expertise. What brings this rich diversity together is a common desire to create a living model of the next system of social and economic organisation. This next system strives to achieve nothing less than the restoration of human dignity and the regeneration of natural resources. We refer to it as the Next Opensource World (NOW) and it will be so appealing that it will naturally spread globally.

Each collaborator is a conscious individual, well-acquainted with the multiple crises currently unfolding, yet committed to focussing on what emerges next.

We see four current roles, and you may have other ideas of how you’d like to participate:

  1. Community Contributor: You have diverse skills and expertise and a burning desire to contribute these skills to an emerging society;
  2. The Land Contributor: You are an existing farm or land owner who wishes to become a land steward or custodian. You are willing to offer permanent and long-term accommodation with the intention of forming micro-communities. You might have rooms, houses, mobile or campsite facilities;
  3. The Resource Contributor: You offer an in-demand product or service to the KindaWeb trading platform and wider EcoEcosystem;
  4. The Social Impact Contributor: You are an individual or family who have chosen to spend a life in service to the common good. You offer a service which is not currently valued by the dominant economic system, but which is highly valuable to an EcoEcosystem. You may prefer to lead a nomadic life, flowing freely between nodes in the web.

What we aspire to is unique to our culture, but well-established in healthy living systems. We seek to establish a web of vibrant flow of physical, spiritual, intellectual and sentimental goods and services between nodes.

We favour more rural locations because of the strong connection to nature. We want to build a bridge from the high-tech allure of cities back to a more connected way of life in harmony with nature.

The Value Added Benefits of Collaborating:

  • Access to a rich repository of documented alternative solutions and a supportive, like-minded peer group;
  • An opportunity to create additional healthy value flows from rentals and residential leases for existing plots/buildings/rooms/campsites;
  • Improved personal security by being surrounded by and supported by like-minded and conscious human doings;
  • Humanitarian rights education and mass action support (we base all of our work on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, a globally recognised mandate which all governments are obliged to follow);
  • Food sovereignty, participation in an alternative trading platform and access to the best in healthy food, care and services;
  • Marketing, operations and logistics support for your products and services, as well as access to a ‘hungry market’;
  • Backup support in the event of eviction or loss of occupational rights.

Contributor Characteristics

Most important is our pledge of community and all-inclusiveness, whatever our culture. We know that our work will require courage and we do it with honour, whatever the outcome. We commit to support any node in the web that needs assistance and to accommodate any displaced member in need. Without this unity we will not achieve the new way of living we desire. One of:

  • Transparency, responsibility and accountability;
  • Respect for humans, animals and the planet;
  • A desire to support the healthy growth of the EcoEcosystem;
  • A local and indigenous kind economy;
  • An awareness of governance processes and what decentralised decision-making means;
  • A deep respect for nature and regeneration consciousness;
  • Intergenerational cooperative governance, with youths and elders playing active roles in citizen-led democracy.

The Fees

KindaWeb requires funding to cover professional fees and development expenses, currently on a discretionary basis. If services are required to list your property, administer procedures or legal documentation then a contribution towards the admin expenses would be mutually agreed upon. All income and expenses would be fully transparent. Kindness and Sufficiency Rules!

The Next Step…

Complete the Expression of Interest Form below, and join the Zoom introduction evening Q&A , hosted each day at 18.30pm on Zoom 7770002345, pw community.

Once you’ve expressed interest, you’ll be invited to provide a little more detail about your personal situation. You will then be invited to actively participate in our 222 support programmes (to connect 222 supporting communities in 2022).

Like what you’ve seen? Please express your early interest by completing the form below. Before applying, please familiarise yourself with the following: