Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers!

What does it cost to join as a contributor?

This depends on the services required and affordability, no one is excluded on grounds of finance. All funds and donations are transparent and used to invest in infrastructure.

What is a new economy?

We believe an economic reset is imminent and food shortages likely. A need to supplement with a Resource based economy and sufficiency.

What interference does the web have with my premises?

None, you will remain a member for as long as you meet the values for Membership. Agreements between yourself and the tenants is your affair.

What do you mean by transparency?

This is full disclosure of yourself, you are building a micro community and supporting a network, this is a life-changer! Sharing resources requires trust, based on sufficiency and kindness.

What contribution is expected from a Node owner?

We prefer Land Steward; you will have already demonstrated your commitment to the land and the work ethic to sustain it. You are invited to help the network development

Can I secure capital to help fund my current liabilities and improve my property?

Your call! We would advise by ‘selling’ long term, renewable life-long leases to tenants, the value set at your discretion, at liberty to adjust this value based on the skills and expertise of the applicants.

Can I specify what type of people l want in my Node?

You state a preference required to build and secure your community node, your Node listing will capture that preference.

What if l don’t like the resident? Oh dear!

As with any signed lease agreement there are terms you will mutually agree. There will be a residential exchange options within the network.

Does each community node have a rule book and who makes the decisions?

It is recommended and you will be offered a KindaPath template when you enrol, adapt if you wish. But Sociocracy decision making and conflict resolution protocols are recommended.