Glossary of Terms

Here’s what we mean when we use terms you might not be familiar with.

222: A brand created for this year to kick start a Youth led global network of communities, starting in South Africa.

KindaPath: An operational manual for each venue, describing its values and procedures.

KindaWeb: Our name given the global ambition of setting up a network of inter-connecting communities.

MultiCultural: This is key to UNITY to mend bridges of all cultures in the world whilst resting each own roots and values.

Nodes: Those venues connecting with each other to form part of the KindaWeb.

Resource Economy: One based on exchange of goods and services.

Sociocracy: A process of democratic management and decision making.

Telegram: A free downloadable Application used for communication (perceived more secure than WhatsApp).

Zoom: An online conferencing platform used for network meetings.