RESILIENT Micro Economies

We’re working hard to birth a nation (and ultimately a world) where bio-regional communities are in control of their own currency technology as an essential ingredient for economic liberty, human dignity and planetary health. Why not join us?

Learn how to confidently engage with your municipality

Inspire and include your community

Join us as we travel the country inspiring others.

Connected at Multiple Levels

Operating as a unit. Each node is connected to other nodes and to the whole so as to form a new and larger whole. We learn from and support each other. We learn and progress based on co-intelligence.

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Cooperative & Collaborative

Sidestepping the harmful influences of money and debt. Our primary goal is to separate ‘the market’ from relationships between humans and between humans and the nonhuman world. Who says everything has to have a price?

Seeking those with the insight and will to join and create an alternative society.

A Conscious, Thriving Web

An invitation to rural land custodians to join a conscious, inter-connected, adaptive web of like-minded custodians.

Conscious Nodes

Offering permanent and semi-permanent accommodation options to travelers and settlers seeking alternatives to city living.

Conscious Economy

We all recognize the need for economic change. Join us in producing essential products for the emerging exchange economy.

Conscious Learning

Members of the Project 222 Web have a wealth of shared knowledge around alternative ways of living. No need to reinvent the wheel!